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Mercedes-Benz recommends service every year / 10k miles as per the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. We perform all services no matter the mileage for Mercedes-Benz vehicles years 2000-2019. See below for a sample of services and the value Taverna European Auto Repair provides compared to the dealership!

 A1 ServiceB1 ServiceA2 Service
(aka C service)
B2 Service
(aka D service)
A3 Service
(aka E service)
B3 Service
(aka F service)
When Required1 year / 10k miles2 year / 20k miles3 year / 30k miles4 year / 40k miles5 year / 50k miles6 year / 60k miles
Dealer Price$421$649$447$688$473$729
Our Price$295$379$313$447$331$474

* Note: Assuming 6 cylinder sedan models - SUVs, 8 cylinder+, and diesels additional at dealership due to additional model specific maintenance items. Similar 30-40% savings offered at Taverna European Auto Repair.

Bring us a written repair estimate from the Mercedes-Benz dealership and we guarantee to beat their price by at least 25%!

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