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Check Engine Light Repair in Hollywood, FL

We understand that seeing your vehicle’s check engine light illuminate can be concerning, especially because you aren’t sure whether the issue is something small or more considerable. When the check engine light comes on, your vehicle’s on-board computer system is alerting you that it has detected something amiss.

The best thing for you to do as soon as you see this light illuminate is to bring your vehicle into Taverna European Auto Repair in Hollywood, FL for professional diagnostics. In order to determine the problem that triggered your check engine light to turn on, our certified mechanics will need to plug our scan tools into your vehicle’s computer system. This scan tool will pull the error code behind the check engine light, which will point us in the direction of the problem.

Once our technicians understand the source of the issue, we can perform a further inspection to determine what parts or components need to be repaired or replaced in order to fix the problem. We will provide you with a complete estimate of the needed repairs and inform you of how long the repairs will take.

Although we understand that you may fear how much your check engine light repairs are going to cost you, we want to stress how important it is to get your vehicle inspected and repaired as soon as you see this engine light turn on. Driving with your check engine light on can make the issue progress, and could cost you even more on repairs. The sooner you get your vehicle repaired, the better!

If you need check engine light repair in Hollywood, FL, give us a call here at Taverna European Auto Repair or schedule an appointment online today!